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Valentino Shoes fall favorites

Le 15 avril 2016, 14:58 dans Humeurs 0

Michael Kors described his fall '13 collection as a "tug of war between urban polish and athleticism." But, aside from Valentino Shoes Online a few rib knits and exposed zippers, we're not so much seeing 'sporty' here u2014 more like, ladylike with some major edge.

Witness his elegant angora sweater with hot-pink splotches, which may or may not be Muppet fur. Or the simple sheath dress with a trompe l'oeil lace bustier. Even Kors' take on black tie has teeth: A floor-length silk maxi skirt comes equipped with a bustle blown up to the kind of cartoonish proportions not often seen this side of the 19th century.

Click on for our 10 Valentino Shoes fall favorites u2014 if you ask us, it's high time feminine got a pleasing dose of weird. 

Valentino Sandals On Sale we must say

Le 12 avril 2016, 09:37 dans Humeurs 0

Ever wanted to know the backstory of the duke and Valentino Flats duchess of Cambridge's engagement portrait? Well, Mario Testino, the fashion photographer responsible for capturing celebrities at their very Valentino Ballerina Flats Salebest, just spilled the details on how the iconic photo came to be. And, we must say, the story is simply adorable.

Testino, who has a longstanding relationship with the royal family, told The Telegraph that it was all a matter of timing: u201cI waited a long time, an hour or two, to make that picture perfect. But, I wasnu2019t totally satisfied. Then, when Iu2019d finished the shoot, they were about to leave, and they suddenly hugged in front of a Valentino Slingbacks On Saleradiator. I took my camera and that was the picture that ran everywhere u2014 it was spontaneous Valentino Sandals On Sale emotionu2026you could see they were completely in love.u201d Did you hear that? Itu2019s the sound of our hearts melting just a teeny, tiny bit.

And, the photographer makes it clear the future queen of England is not a pale imitation of the much-missed Diana, princess of Wales u2014 as if we didn't know that already. As Testino explains, u201cKate, she is beautiful in a different way: She radiates happiness. She is comfortable in her love.u201d We couldnu2019t agree more. It is a real pleasure to see Kateu2019s style evolve, and weu2019re pretty sure we arenu2019t Valentino anywhere near Valentino Rockrunner Valentino Pumps On Sale