Michael Kors described his fall '13 collection as a "tug of war between urban polish and athleticism." But, aside from Valentino Shoes Online a few rib knits and exposed zippers, we're not so much seeing 'sporty' here u2014 more like, ladylike with some major edge.

Witness his www.manoknyga.com elegant angora sweater with hot-pink splotches, which may or may not be Muppet fur. Or the simple sheath dress with a trompe l'oeil lace bustier. Even Kors' take on black tie has teeth: A floor-length silk maxi skirt comes equipped with a bustle blown up to the kind of cartoonish proportions not often seen this side of the 19th century.

Click on for our 10 Valentino Shoes fall favorites u2014 if you ask us, it's high time feminine got a pleasing dose of weird.